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As a premier choice for affluent business owners seeking prime commercial properties, Tromble Management Company stands out as a family-run enterprise with an abundant local legacy. Our seasoned team excels in swift, efficient management, addressing day-to-day concerns with expertise. Distinguished by our extensive experience, education, and unwavering ethical conduct, we offer a personalized and effective approach for your high-end commercial leasing needs.

Stephanie Tromble

Stephanie Tromble


Stephanie's story

Stephanie plays a pivotal role within a women-owned Real Estate Investment and Management company, serving as the Real Estate Advisor, Developer, and Portfolio Manager. Her responsibilities encompass the daily operations of properties, advertising, sales, and fostering customer communication. Additionally, she spearheads property acquisition, tenant selection, lease maintenance, and advertises current properties. With an impressive 18 years in real estate and a background of over 30 years immersed in her family's diverse business portfolio since the age of 8, Stephanie boasts a wealth of experience. In her real estate career she has over 900 transactions and $50M in revenue. She has experience in commercial, residential, renovations, and rentals.

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Jessica Robinson


Jessica's story

Jessica’s role with in the company is the property manager as well as the comptroller. She manages the specifics such as daily property operations. In addition, she conducts the financial component with in the company. Jessica is a graduate from the UNiverity of Purdue, where she earned a degree in Management. She then maintained a CFO position in Tromble and Company, Inc. for 10 years and finally joined the real estate industry for 5 years of experience.

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